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"...These blues/Turkish mash-ups are the album’s strongest moments, with Göksenin unearthing new ground that allows her to internalize the blues, rather than interpret it from a distance, both geographic and emotional."

"...Turkish blues might not be its own subgenre, but it’s one we should consider adding."


"...again its imposible not to appreciate the voice and guitar work, along with the band..."

"...a fascinating artist, who flies the Blues flag in her Turkish homeland"


"...I witnessed a female musician making her relationship with blues music a vital cause and fighting like a Xena, drawing her sword. That Xena's name was Göksenin (Tuncalı)"

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"...Even though I grew up and lived in a relatively modern and highly educated environment, I experience these things at a minimum. What do women from other segments of society experience? Even thinking, seeing, trying to feel these makes my blood run cold."


"... It was always difficult to perform, produce and insist on musics other than mainstream popular music. It was like this before the pandemic, but now we can't open our mouths at all... If we could, I know very well how much Turkish blues will come out..."

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"...Although the world we live in is full of pain, just as loving to live and seeking life is independent of cultural differences, loving the blues is also independent of cultures. Because blues is the life itself"


"..I suspect that Göksenin has blood relation with Blacks. The natural character of her vocal vibrato and singing approach is unique in these lands, and I think she uses this talent in the most accurate way possible."


"... A thousand thanks to the president for reminding us of the blues, which is also the voice of women who resist oppression and inequality."

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